Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tomorrow I head out to Indianapolis for a writer's conference.  Although I have been to several conferences to meet writer's and swoon over their novels, this is a first for me to go and get my work out there.  I will be talking to two agents along with hundreds of writers who are in the same boat I am... Good? Bad? Ugly? We will see how I fair.

I did get a very encouraging letter from a young man (18) who read my entire script before my hundreth edit.  He told me to not give up, that I had him hooked on the story.  How can I give up now when I have an 18 year old male who really was not my target audience? Not a chance!

I may have to meet 200 agents before I get one, but damn it, I will get one and this book will be published! (I hope those aren't my famous last words!)

I also discovered something else I didn't know before today,  I have said and written that my story is loosely based on the Phoebe Prince suicide case, which is really true... today I learned that like my main character Melinda, Phoebe was a cutter and had several cuts on her when she hung herself...  That's creepy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pitch Contest with Natalie Fischer!
1) Be a follower of the blog.

2) Blog about this contest and include a link with your entry. If you don't have a blog, you may tweet or make a facebook status. But we prefer blog.

3) Create a TWO SENTENCE pitch. And not a massively long run-on sentence either. Two concise sentences that will hook Natalie to your book and have her desperate to read more.

4) Include the opening line of your manuscript.

5) Manuscripts that you submit should be completed. I leave it up to you whether you decide to submit a half finished manuscript. You'll have to deal with it SHOULD Natalie request you send her the full.

6) This contest will be capped at either 150 entries OR will end midnight on the 21st April.

7) Winners to be announced (along with prizes) on 28th April.

8) Any age any genre accepted!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, I should have known better than to get my hopes up high.  I sent my manuscript out and it was rejected. It hurt knowing that someone read it and rejected it out flat.  I thought that if someone actually read it, then they would see how important it is and represent me. 

Not the case.  In a lot of ways, I want to give up.  Say screw it, it isn't worth it.  But, it is.  So many people have been hurt by bullying. So many people are like me and feel the need for physical pain to ease their emotional pain.  My story needs to be out there, published.  It is going to be a longer road than I thought.  A lot of bumps, and bruises.  I won't give up yet.  I have two conferences to go to, to pitch my novel.  I have also a private publisher reading my ms and helping me fix my faults.  Writing is hard, getting published is harder, but I can't give up yet.... I just can't!