Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tomorrow I head out to Indianapolis for a writer's conference.  Although I have been to several conferences to meet writer's and swoon over their novels, this is a first for me to go and get my work out there.  I will be talking to two agents along with hundreds of writers who are in the same boat I am... Good? Bad? Ugly? We will see how I fair.

I did get a very encouraging letter from a young man (18) who read my entire script before my hundreth edit.  He told me to not give up, that I had him hooked on the story.  How can I give up now when I have an 18 year old male who really was not my target audience? Not a chance!

I may have to meet 200 agents before I get one, but damn it, I will get one and this book will be published! (I hope those aren't my famous last words!)

I also discovered something else I didn't know before today,  I have said and written that my story is loosely based on the Phoebe Prince suicide case, which is really true... today I learned that like my main character Melinda, Phoebe was a cutter and had several cuts on her when she hung herself...  That's creepy!

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